Finally updated my website

It took a while, but finally updated my website… that “recharging” message had been there for quite a while. (Life… it kinda happens.) I don’t know if I’m “recharged” yet, but some of the stuff I’ve been waiting on is in place, so it’s time I update this website to reflect what’s going on.

Lately, I’ve been extra busy working on the SleepyHead project (and I’m pleased to report that contrary to somewhat popular opinion, no, I didn’t stop or quit, the code-base was frozen and I was waiting on some upstream stuff to do with the Qt library, and busy doing/enduring real life stuff that was way more important.) I’m currently working on the software’s upcoming v1.1.0 release, as well as trying to sort out the projects website stuff in the background.

The site you are currently on is the hub for all my projects and software development related activities, it’s not the (direct) home of the SleepyHead project… (The official SleepyHead project stuff sits under the sleepyhead sub-domain,

SleepyHead fans, I’d like to ask could you please try not to just lazily point people who might be looking for SleepyHead to, or they might have difficulty finding what they are looking for later on, or worse, end up traumatised over whatever seemingly sacrilegious diatribes or curse words I inadvertently end up posting here amongst my developer rants.

And a word of warning, my personal blog (aka the “Not Taking Prisoners Edition” at might end up being a little too rough or cognitively confronting for some of you square types. Sorry, not sorry… But you totally don’t have to go there and read it. 😛