A look at my Aquaponics system

One of my side hobbies is Aquaponics, which I find a fascinating way to merge fish and plants together in synergy. I’m not exactly what anyone could call blessed with a “green thumb”, but aquaponics lets me have healthy plants without having to worry about forgetting to water or constantly pulling weeds out.

These pictures are of my experimental system, after small beginnings and several upgrades, it’s a CHIFT PIST + CHOP2 Hybrid, and can easily be adapted to run in either mode simply by turning taps to alter water flow.

I figured a lot out on my own, but learned an awful lot from Affnan’s Aquaponics as well as Rob Bob’s Aquaponics & Backyard Farm channel on YouTube.

I’ve moved since these photo’s were taken (back in 2016) – unfortunately only 2 months after finally upgrading to a full IBC system and having everything setting up how I wanted it… one of the many “joys” of living in a rental 😭🤦‍♂️.

The system is not back to full glory yet at my current place, as I’ve had to reconfigure the layout due to suit space and ground constraints. I really need to figure out a more solid foundation to put the weight of the system on, so currently running fish-less.

When I get things running smoothly again, I’ll post some pictures of the current setup. I’ll put some pictures up of the systems previous iterations too.


I wonder who this is about? ;)

Thank you for the super nice article Jason Koebler, it’s feels really good seeing my accomplishments have helped so many people. 😁😁

And thanks heaps to everyone single one of you who’s helped me out along the way!